Samurai Group provides Total Facility Management (TFM) services – Total facilities management with the distinct competitive advantage of Connecting People, Processes and Technology, self-providing the necessary services for a building, Real estate operates smoothly and effectively, supporting customers to focus on core business activities.

Trends In The World

The concept of Total Facility Management is becoming popular all over the world and Vietnam is quickly catching up with this trend. With mostly self-sufficient services, Samurai Group is uniquely positioned to provide a full “INTEGRATED SOLUTION” to ensure your infrastructure is maintained and sustainable guest.


Main Fields Of Activity

Providing comprehensive facility management solutions.

Cleaning service.

Disinfectant spraying service and providing high-end disinfection equipment.

Security services.

Providing technical operation and maintenance solutions.

Gardening service.

Pest control service.

Reception services for buildings and hotels.


Operations Expert

Our experts and management team ensure that we become an extension of your business and we pay special attention to employee training, coaching and issues. on Environment, Health. At the same time, we continuously evaluate standards and advise on improvements to improve service quality, helping customers focus on achieving their business goals.

Convenience And Economy

Customers only need to contact one contact point, sign one contract and pay one invoice, bringing convenience to organizations and businesses. With flexible management methods, Samurai Group improves work efficiency and reduces costs for customers, creating conditions for maximum savings.

Top Service Quality

With a team of managers and experts with more than 20 years of experience, Samurai Group is proud to provide operational solutions for large customers. We use advanced management tools and continuous personnel training to ensure the highest quality of service.

Comprehensive Facility Management For Education

Samurai Group provides a wide range of facilities management services to leading international schools, ensuring environmental, health and safety compliance, delivering absolute satisfaction to students, faculty and parents.

Facility Management For The Production And Manufacturing Industry

Samurai Group ensures continuous and smooth operations in manufacturing environments, meeting critical standards and processes to ensure no disruption to business operations.

Facility Management For Retail And Hospitality

Samurai Group creates a friendly environment for shoppers by maintaining smooth operations and maintaining shopping malls and public areas to a high standard to ensure a good customer experience.

Facility Management For Healthcare Solutions

Samurai Group focuses on infection control, contaminated waste management and compliance with medical standards to ensure efficient operations and compassion for patients and visitors in the hospital environment.

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