Samurai Group was established with the ambition to spread the spirit of serving Japan to Vietnam. Originating from the philosophies and service standards absorbed in Japan and applied in the Vietnamese market since the 1990s.

About Samurai

Samurai Group provides a high quality service, taking dedication as the difference and is implemented and controlled through Japanese standard management and training processes.


Our Story

Samurai Group helps businesses optimize costs and ensure peace of mind and safety every time they come to the company. Business assets are always absolutely guaranteed and avoid legal risks when hiring cheap security companies.

Our Vision

The best place: 

Together we build the most dynamic working environment, where every member has the opportunity to develop their abilities to the fullest.

The best service: 

The best world-class Service provider in Vietnam.

Our Mision

Create and maintain customer satisfaction every day with world-class Service


I am proud to be here to introduce to the market World Class Service.

Our Strategy

Samurai Group’s top goal is to build a high-quality service platform, excellent execution capacity, and serve customers with all our heart.

Our Customers

With more than 10 years of experience in managing and operating security services at apartment buildings, factories, etc., we are always honored to contribute to businesses and honored to receive solutions from you. We make a positive impact on hundreds of businesses every day.

Our Achievements

Our awards, accreditations and affiliations.

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