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Samurai Group – We bring you the power of the winner.

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Top Service

Samurai Group was established with the ambition to spread the spirit of serving Japan to Vietnam. Originating from the philosophies and service standards imported to Japan and applied in the Vietnamese market since the 1990s, SAMURAI Group provides high quality services, taking dedication as the difference and Deployed and controlled through management and training processes according to Japanese standards.

International Standards

Based on a solid foundation of Japanese-style dedicated service culture, Samurai Group coordinates with the most modern management models and methods in the world BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) – is the world’s largest independent and professional training agency for Total Facility Operations Management services.

Perfect Combination

The perfect combination of Japanese-style dedicated service culture with the science of the BIFM international standard management model, SAMURAI Group is proud to be a perfect provider of total facilities management (TFM), High-end real estate and building protection services in Vietnam.

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Our Partners

In Vietnam, our team of experts has supported many reputable customers in the market such as F-Soft, Ecopark, Kosmos, TH School, Green Phoenix Group, Samsung… bringing customers peace of mind completely. Please give your trust to Samurai Group to be able to focus the best resources on the journey from Good to Great.

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Samurai Has Outstanding Strength

– Providing total utility management (TFM) solutions

– Provide cleaning solutions with Smart Clean service.

– Provide technical solutions for operation and maintenance.

– Security services.

– Landscape care, gardening, insect control services…

Why Choose Samurai

Samurai is comprised of experts with international experience and a deep understanding of the Vietnamese business environment. With the determination to establish a high-quality and specialized service platform for Vietnamese businesses, Samurai has found an effective way to connect people, processes and technology to create an integrated support platform. . best for customer development and growth.

Samurai Service

We come to customers as the most dedicated and effective companion. Possessing a series of the most successful service models from Fortune 500 businesses in the world, Samurai brings customers the most optimal solutions for business development.

We do our best every day to be an outstanding part of our customers’ organizations.

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