Samurai Group’s social responsibility is demonstrated through its commitment to comply with regulations, build a fair and trustworthy environment, develop policies to support employees, partners and contribute to the community through social activities and environmental protection.


Compliance And Social Responsibility

Samurai Group has a high level of social responsibility, and compliance is one of Samurai’s core values. Samurai people always comply with state standards and regulations, company policies, as well as the moral codes and noble qualities to which they are committed.


Benefits And Rest Time

An important aspect of compliance is that Samurai ensures that all of its employees have improved working conditions. This ensures that employees have a suitable working environment so they can safely provide services to customers in a stable manner. Thereby, helping to maintain the enthusiasm and energy necessary to perform work effectively.

Trusted Partner

By complying with regulations and standards, Samurai Group makes an important contribution to helping customers operate smoothly, efficiently and sustainably. Samurai Group’s security guards are not only security guards, but also reliable partners of customers. Compliance helps ensure that tasks are performed accurately and on time, while minimizing potential risks and incidents.

Samurai Service Positioning

We always aim to provide high-end services for our customers. Not only focusing on stability, sustainability and success for our customers, we also aim to increase value for each customer we serve. We create trust for our customers’ partners through every job we perform.

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