Samurai Group values the health and safety not only of our customer partners but also of our employees. We ensure that employees can always maintain the best physical condition, so that they can operate with high concentration, responsibility and maintain long-term sustainability.

Safe And Healthy Working Environment

We implement strict safety and risk management measures, including providing adequate protective equipment and training employees on safety rules. We ensure that every employee receives the support and guidance they need to work safely and effectively. Health and safety are important factors to ensure performance and success in all activities.

Health Care And Fitness Program

We invest in building health care and fitness programs for employees. We encourage and support employees to participate in sports and gym activities to maintain health and work-life balance. We pay special attention to reducing stress and creating the best working conditions so that employees can achieve their best physical and mental health.

The Foundation For Sustainable Development

We believe that health and safety are the foundation for building a positive and successful working environment. By focusing on the health and safety of our customers and employees, we aim to create sustainable prosperity and long-term growth.

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