Samurai Group is committed to providing customers with a clean, safe and hygienic environment through advanced technology, the best products and a professionally trained team.

High Quality Cleaning Service

Samurai Group provides high-quality cleaning services for offices, factories, shopping centers, hotels and luxury apartments, ensuring a clean and comfortable living and working environment.

Modern Cleaning Technology

Samurai Group uses the most modern technology and equipment, training its team according to the standards of the British Institute of Scientific Hygiene, ensuring efficiency and achieving top safety, health and hygiene standards.

High-altitude Glass Cleaning Service

Samurai Group provides exterior and interior window cleaning services, applying safety solutions such as rope swings and Gondola equipment. Our team of experts advises and meets the most difficult and demanding cleaning requirements.

Cleaning And Disinfection Service

Samurai Group offers full or partial area disinfection, using fogging or spraying to ensure effectiveness and good coverage on inaccessible surfaces and objects.

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