Our Story

Samurai Group – Trusted partner for sustainable business development.


Current Challenges And Difficulties

When counting down the challenges and difficulties on the path to sustainable development, Samurai Group emerges as a reliable companion of businesses. With the goal of helping businesses focus on business expertise and sustainable development, Samurai Group provides comprehensive and professional solutions.

International Experience

Leaders of Samurai Group, with management experience at Toyota, Coca-Cola, Metro Cash & Carry, Vingroup and other multinational corporations, understands very well the difficulties businesses are facing to operate smoothly. Therefore, Samurai Group not only helps reduce costs for businesses but also ensures peace of mind and safety for the company.

Professional And Dedicated

With professional and dedicated service, Samurai Group brings peace of mind to businesses in protecting assets, ensuring security, safety, hygiene and the environment. This helps business leaders focus on production and business expertise without worrying about things that do not bring in revenue.

Trusted Partner

Samurai Group has worked with many trusted partners during its operations. Partners such as BUV, Phenikaa, HAS, Ecopark, Kosmo Ho Tay, JFE, Vicostone have given positive reviews about the support and quality of service from Samurai Group. They believe and are satisfied with the dedication, professionalism and efficiency that Samurai Group brings to the sustainable development of the business.

Companion Of Businesses

Samurai Group is not just a service company, but a reliable partner, accompanying and bringing real benefits to the sustainable development of businesses. With Samurai Group, businesses can confidently step into the future, knowing they have a team of dedicated and quality experts behind them, ready to support and help take the business from success to success other.

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